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Have you seen it? You must, everyone is talking about it. People travel miles to be part of this, an authentic shared experience taking place at the beach. You should go and be part of it right now, but if you can’t, don’t worry because it will happen again, and again, and again. You may be surprised to discover that it happens every day which is amazing but easy to forget as we contend with our busy and distracting lives.

But try to take a moment, to consciously make this a more meaningful part of your routine. Actually, it already is, you just forget as you begin to take it for granted. But the most incredible thing about this event is that it’s different every time, even when the conditions feel the same. And as you look closer, breathe deeper and feel further you’ll recognise and realise tiny differences each time that all add up to reveal something you’d not been expecting. Discovering that the more you allow your senses to explore, to reach out and really immerse yourself in reality then the more rewarding the experience will be, just remember, the more you look the more you see.

And what a spectacle to behold, captivating through the continuous unfolding of light as it bends, refracts and scatters. Shadow sculpting depth, working in unison with glossy highlights that shift, tumble and swell to deliver stimulating experiential sensations that both guide, inform and distract. And if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change, or at least the relationship you have with them changes. Because if you think about it everything looks and feels very stable, the sky isn’t whizzing by, but when we look closely and analyse we discover we’re actually moving all the time, we’re not stationary because our planet is continuously spinning and rotating, we move as an integral part of our local solar system and it’s wider interactions with an unimaginably large galaxy. There really is nothing quite like it on earth as this universal relationship makes everything possible and is responsible for everything we experience.

But our seemingly small position and distracting modern lifestyles can create a disconnection from these colossal universal mechanics that are happening right now, and as they carry us all with them, there’s no getting away from the influence it has over us and one of the easiest ways to remember and participate is to watch our sun as it disappears below the horizon as our planet rotates away on its axis, obscuring our view of the sun as it carries us into every evening and every sunset. One of the best places to see and experience this natural phenomena is at the beach as the colossal bright yellow orb appears to drop slowly towards the ocean’s surface where it connects to create uniquely transformative reflections that simply remind any observer to remember they continue to be part of a truly once in a lifetime event.

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